Got questions? We have answers
Where can I get one?

The Flexthetics™ Pro is not in production yet, but you can pre-order one or more on our website. We are working with our manufacture to clean up design before investing in the initial tooling. Once this is done, we can get move forward with ordering the molds and producing final products.

How much can each chamber hold?

Each chamber can hold 60g (100ml) of your favorite supplements or snacks.

Will this fit inside my shaker bottle?

The Flexthetics™ Pro fits into most standard 28-ounce shaker bottles when the funnel is not attached. This allows for additional portability and convenience during transportation.

Does it store liquids?

The Flexthetics™ Pro is not intended for liquid storage. You can store supplement powders, vitamins, or snacks in the various chambers.

Why does the model on the site have lines on the side?

The model on the website is 3D printed and is simply a prototype. The final, manufactured products will be of a smoother plastic, similar to standard shaker bottles you see on store shelves.

Does this replace my shaker bottle?

The Flexthetics™ Pro complements, instead of replaces, your shaker bottle. It allows you to pour your supplements into a shaker bottle or cup. You can also store vitamins or snacks such as almonds in the organizer.

How much does it cost?

We are finalizing costs with our manufacturer, but are aiming to retail at $14.99.

Why 5 chambers?

We chose to include five chambers to allow true flexibility. More chambers allow for more options. Not all users will want a bigger chamber to fit multiple scoops of protein, for example. Users that want to double up can simple utilize multiple chambers.

Will you ship worldwide?

Yes we do through FedEx. Shipping costs provided on the site are our costs

I'm a blogger/journalist. Can I review the Flexthetics™ Pro?

We would love for you to review our product! Please reach out to us with your request. We can try to send a prototype or final manufactured product to you free of charge. Contact us here: https://flexthetics.com/contact-us/

I'm a reseller/distributor and I want to sell the Flexthetics™ Pro.

Thanks for your interest! We are open to reseller/distributor relationships. Please contact us through our website.

Do you have a Facebook page?

Of course we do. Check it out here: https://www.facebook.com/Flexthetics/